• OBT-9800NP
  • Product Name: OBT-9800NP
  • Product Number: NP network broadcast server
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The server software is the core of the entire system; it adopts the background system service operation, which is an enterprise-level standard server working mode. The system can run automatically when the system is turned on. It has higher stability and reliability than the software running in the foreground of the interface. The server software is responsible for audio streaming on-demand services, scheduled task processing, terminal management and authority management; it manages program library resources, provides timed playback and real-time on-demand media services for all network adapters, and responds to the playback requests of each network adapter for each audio workstation Provide data interface services; audio server software can convert traditional audio resources into digital programs and store them in the program library (can hold 10,000 programs), which is convenient for repeated use; with a detection panel, it can monitor the use status of any terminal node in real time.

★Based on the B/S architecture, it has two system operation modes: client login and browser.
Terminal management: visual interface management terminal status, online, offline, call, ringing and other status.
Communication protocol: TCP, IP, SIP, VOIP, IGRP, DNS, DHCP;
Speech coding: G.711-a, G.711-u, G.722, ILBC, G.729AB, G.723.1, AMR;
Video encoding: H.263, H.264 (optional)
System log: Support to view the system operation log.
System packet capture: Supports packet capture and inspection on the server system.
★Support access to external telephones and traditional analog telephones. (Optional)
★It has the function of meeting room and supports multi-party meetings.
Timed tasks: Timed acquisition and broadcasting, timed ringing, timed music programs, file playback, text file playback, voice-to-text, terminal collection, campus cultural information release, etc.
★Fire linkage: one-key alarm, external control network fire host OBT-8910, realize background music/fire linkage.
Multimedia: Comes with DVD input, can play CD\DVD\VCD\data\software and other optical discs;
Authority management: user authority can be managed hierarchically, which is convenient for users to use safely.
Remote management: Under the permission state, users can remotely log in to the server to operate.
Test management: a variety of timing play programs, support users to compile different broadcast programs at the same time.
★ Communication and broadcasting: Unicast, multicast, all-cast and two-way intercom functions can be realized between the server and the terminal, and the terminal and the terminal.
Multi-channel audio source: It can transmit no less than 99 channels of audio at the same time, and the bandwidth occupied by each channel of audio is no more than 90KBPS.
Network performance: Support cross-VLAN or Layer 3 routing.
Group management: supports grouping terminals into regions.
Status monitoring: monitor terminal status, support forced removal, forced insertion, and monitoring.
★One-key call: Support multiple call distribution strategies such as one-key or multi-key.
Unattended: Calls can be transferred in unattended state.
Automatic recording: It can record the whole process, and can be queried and played back.
Call records: query call records.
Dispatching station access: Support 1 dispatching station access.

Core configuration Intel 7 series i5 chipset, main screen 2.5G, core screen 3.2G;
Set SSD high-speed hard disk, support M.2 NVM, transfer speed 6.5G; SATA mechanical hard disk can be optional, can be expanded to 8T, set 4G high-speed read memory;
Set up two sets of USB USB3.0, two sets of USB USB2.0;
Support dual-screen display; local LVDS_15 inch and VGA output display;
Set power display hard disk display
Configurable Administrator Password super user password, configurable User Password ordinary user password;
You can choose to specify the boot device Boot Override, such as SATA hard disk (optional), U disk, EFI Shell, PXE and other options;
Support the main display guide setting to VGA/HDMI/LVDS, the default local LVDS, you can choose to add a secondary display option;
Configure RS232 socket;
BIOS supports timer switch;
Set TAC dual fan speed detection to effectively improve fan life;
Structure display   8U integrated structure chassis, 15-inch LCD screen display, equipped with capacitive touch screen;
Operation mode   supports touch screen operation; integrated pull-out stainless steel keyboard, touch mouse;
Network interface Dual Gigabit Ethernet card, RJ45 interface
Audio interface 4 USB inputs, one line input for real-time collection, and one MIC input for real-time paging.
★ The products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification
★ The product has passed 3C certification;
★ IP network broadcasting has obtained a number of invention patents.
★ The manufacturer is a national high-tech enterprise.