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Shenzhen Bay Sports Center-----World University Games

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Shenzhen Bay Sports Center (Spring Festival), Shenzhen Sports Center (stadium, gymnasium, shooting hall, swimming and diving hall), Longgang District Grand Canal Center (stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool), Longgang District Sports Center (comprehensive hall, badminton hall) , International Cycling Stadium, Shenxianling Tennis Court, etc.), Shenzhen Sports School (integrated training hall, swimming and diving hall), Baoan District Sports Center (stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool), Shenzhen University City Sports Center (stadium, gymnasium) 63 sports venues including Shenzhen University (track and field stadium, Yuanping Gymnasium, Sports Square), Luohu Gymnasium, Dameisha Beach Volleyball Court and Yantian District Sports Complex.

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center is located in the northeast corner of Nanshan Houhai Central District and 15km away from Shenzhen Bay. It is adjacent to Hong Kong and is the main venue for the 26th World Summer Games in 2011. It is also the key urban landscape and public event space of Shenzhen in the future.

The entire project covers an area of about 30.74 hectares with a total construction area of 256,000 square meters. Upon completion, it will become another landmark building in Shenzhen. The project includes stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, athlete reception service centers, sports theme parks and commercial operation facilities. Among them, the main stadium planning to build 20,000 fixed seats will undertake the competition and training functions of the Universiade football preliminaries; the main stadium that can accommodate 13,000 spectators will become the main venue for the Universiade table tennis game; the swimming pool will also take the swimming Training function of the game.

Shenzhen Bay Sports Center is also a major innovation in sports architecture. The unique design called “Chunxi” integrates “a two-storey building” with commercial facilities in a building space through a large roof made of white giant grid structure. The integration of the project, in addition to the integrated, composite, and activated design of the project is very beneficial to the comprehensive utilization after the pre-match.

After the Universiade, the center, open to the general public, has become the core venue for national fitness and an important venue for large-scale sports events at home and abroad. The Shenzhen Bay Sports Center project is undergoing a soft foundation treatment phase. The steel structure hoisting is scheduled to be completed on April 30, 2010. The overall roof closure will be completed on August 30, 2010, and the completion acceptance of the project on December 31, 2010 will be carried out in March 2011. Acceptance of sports facilities.

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