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Shanghai Disney Town

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Abstract: OBT is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and a listed company in Shenzhen Qianhai Equity Exchange Center. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been dedicated to designing high-quality public broadcasting systems for public buildings. Shanghai Disneyland has successfully applied Oubo numbers. The public broadcasting system satisfies the requirements of ordinary background music, radio paging and other people, and creates a brand-based exemplary welfare institution as the development direction, so that the children are happy, the elderly are satisfied, the family members are assured, and an old age is fully created. A warm home with young children, sick doctors, and help.

Background of the project

"Disney Town" is a large shopping, dining and entertainment district in Shanghai Disney Resort. The "Disney Town" with an area of over 46,000 square meters will be open to the public free of charge. The location of the "Disney Town" not only allows visitors to the theme park to continue the magical experience of the park, but also the best place to relax for residents in Shanghai and its surrounding areas. There are five areas: "Small Town Market", "Hundred Food Street", "Broadway Avenue", "Broadway Square" and "Disney Town Lakeside".

"Disney Town" is adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland, and the cosmopolitan and charming neighborhood will make you want to return. Unique dining and shopping options are available for people to explore. Visitors can meet up with family and friends and experience unexpected new experiences. Some restaurants in the town will have a unique view, and visitors can enjoy the fascinating views of Shanghai Disneyland while enjoying the food.

In "Disney Town", the world's first Mandarin version of the Disney musical "The Lion King" will be presented at the "Walt Disney Theatre". The theatre can accommodate up to 1,200 spectators. The show will be sold separately.

At the opening, "Disney Town" will present nearly 50 shops, offering visitors a wide range of high-quality shopping options from high-end, light luxury to young fashion, as well as a variety of quality restaurants that meet friends and family. The first "Disney World Store" in Asia will welcome visitors from all over the world. Among the first tenants of "Disney Town", there are many well-known and trusted domestic and foreign brands. They will work closely with the Shanghai Disney Resort to provide a world-class shopping and dining experience.

customer demand

1. The background music is mainly in the public areas such as the main roads in the town, green belts, entertainment and recreation areas, etc., and the sound column or speaker is set up to provide background music playback, public information release, and emergency notice.

2. The broadcasting system can freely select different program sources according to the needs of the user, and transmit the background music to the broadcast area of each area as the main program source of the public broadcasting system.

3. Set up a broadcast microphone call station with a microphone priority call.

4. The system is designed with a fire linkage signal interface, which can be used for automatic (or manual) mode of the broadcast system or for emergency playback of a certain area as needed. It can also automatically play pre-recorded events for external emergencies (such as fire alarms). Digital voice guidance information.


Establish an independent digital network broadcasting system, using digital signal transmission, the sound quality is perfect, according to the five regional environment requirements of Disney Town, usually play different background music in different regions, transmit different broadcast information, etc., in case of fire and other emergencies At the time, as a tool for emergency command and dispatch, use the town's network to connect the terminals between the regions, concentrate on the main control room, configure the broadcast server, play the background music of the five major regions, public information release, and emergency affairs. The notification is controlled.

Central computer room:

Floor equipment:

Achieve the effect:

1. The system is based on IP network and follows the TCP/IP protocol.

Multi-purpose, multi-use, make full use of IP network resources, avoid repeating the installation of lines, and have Ethernet interfaces to connect digital broadcast terminals, truly realize the multi-network integration of broadcasting and computer networks. The external audio (card, CD, radio, microphone, etc.) is connected to the audio server software for real-time compression into a high-quality data stream, and the broadcast data is transmitted through the computer network, and the digital broadcast terminal can receive and play through the built-in speaker in real time.

2. Multiple sets of programs play simultaneously

Each terminal can be set to play different content, that is, one set of programs corresponds to one terminal, and does not interfere with each other. The terminal volume is independently controlled.

3. Arbitrarily choose paging

By paging the mic on the IP network or a computer on the network and installing the workstation software, you can broadcast the speech and specify to broadcast to all, part or a single terminal.

4. Timed ringing

The IP network broadcast can set a personalized music ringtone and automatically play the music ringtone according to the arranged schedule. The work schedule can be adjusted automatically according to the spring and autumn, and provides special configuration options for rainy days and holidays.

5. Timed playback

Each voice broadcast terminal of the IP network broadcast can receive the personalized timed broadcast program of the system server separately and has a timed play operation because it has an independent IP address.

6. Voice real-time broadcast

The real-time broadcast function of the IP network broadcast program can compress and store the programs from other sound sources in real time to the server, and can simultaneously broadcast to the designated terminal as required. The source of the broadcast can be other commercial or self-use radios, recorder decks, CD players, MP3 players, microphones, and the like.

7. Free on demand

The leader controls the digital broadcast terminal distributed in each area through the remote controller to complete any on-demand broadcasting of the data library in the audio server, and the operation is simple and convenient.

8. Online radio broadcast

The company's IP network broadcast can convert the Internet network radio program received through the Internet radio software into the OBTPAIP network broadcast data format for real-time playback to the voice broadcast terminal.

9. Leadership online speech

The company's IP network broadcast enables leadership online speech. The leader does not need to go to the broadcast center, and any computer connected to the system server can realize remote speaking through the microphone of the computer. You can speak to the scenic spot or speak to some areas.

10. Audio amplification

The voice terminal of the company's IP network broadcast provides audio access. When there is no broadcast signal, the audio output of the computer can be connected to the voice terminal and broadcasted by sound reinforcement.

11. Emergency fire broadcast

The system can access fire alarm signals to achieve fire linkage and support adjacent layer alarms.

12. Amplifier power control

The digital broadcasting terminal can automatically switch the power of the power amplifier according to the presence or absence of the voice signal, and avoid the power amplifier to work for a long time for 24 hours.

13. Audio material production

Enable recording, conversion, and editing of digital material. The system server can store music programs or voice programs for thousands of hours or more.

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